Create a basic robot to print

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn inserting of basic geometries
  • Reinforce moving and scaling in 3 dimensions
  • Reinforce camera move abilities
  • Reinforce scaling objects -uniform and non uniform scaling
  • Learn copy and paste to replicate objects
  • Reinforce merging objects process
  • Reinforce removing objects

Step 1: Open robot sketch file

Download The Additive Project Robot Template file from theadditiveproject.org. Open 123D Design. Access the drop down menu from the 123D Design logo in the top left corner of the screen and select OPEN. In the pop-up box that appears, and choose Browse My Computer. Navigate to The Additive Project Robot Template file and open it. The grid should display an outline drawing of a robot.

Step 2: Orient camera to top view

On the right side of the grid field, locate the cube orientation tool. Hovering over the cube, use the drop down menu in the lower right corner to ensure ORTHOGRAPHIC VIEW is selected. HIGHLIGHT the cube orientation tool and CLICK on the Top face to rotate the field view. If needed, select the FIT tool from the vertical tool bar on the right. You should now have a frontal view of the Robot Template.

Tool Tips: Robot Template Orientation Using the Orientation Cube

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